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Website Testing Industry Case Studies

Check out some ways in which firms have benefited from website testing and optimization. Axedigital's case studies coming soon.

mattress co

843% increase in conversions.

custom window treatments

Increased profit by 43.5%

jazz heating & AC

100% increase in revenue

Love at first (web)site

Your landing page is the first, and potentially the last, chance you’ll get to woo a customer. Whether you’re in a fast-acting, competitive, or a slower sale space, a good landing page can be the difference between getting the lead and losing the sale to your competition.

After creating the initial landing page offering, the best businesses continue to refine their website pages through testing and evolution.

At Axe Digital, we assign our on-site specialists the task of improving landing page experience. Their goal? To make your website pages convert more of the traffic you’re already paying to get there.

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Our Website Testing Methodology

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When someone first reaches your website, we want to squash any potential threat that’d otherwise provoke anxiety in the website visitor ultimately causing them to bounce. We know what makes your website pages establish trust from the first load by ensuring the forms feel secure and that you have appropriate trust symbols existing on key place across the page.

Calls to Action

Your CTAs need to be on point. They should be clear and stimulating to potential buyers so they not only know exactly what they need to do, but they also feel compelled to further explore your offer. CTA buttons should clearly communicate what happens when they click the button;. Our testing strategies help you determine not only which CTAs convert the most traffic but also other considerations like button size, color, and placement. You’d be surprised at the conversion rate differences we see in subtle elements such as these.


You’ve heard the adage - content is king. Whether or not that’s true, we can all agree it’s a pretty big deal. Your content needs to reinforce the core message and add supporting evidence. It should be easy to digest, uncluttered, adding value, and building excitement. There are different sections of content that you should consider and know what’s most effective to have in those areas.


Ultimately website usability is important because it’s about customer service. The goal of any successful organization or business professional is to meet their customer’s expectations and needs as quickly and dependably as possible. From the user’s point of view, great usability can make the users complete the conversion tasks accurately and operate your website pages with a pleasant mood rather than feeling stupid or overwhelmed… which typically lead to them bouncing.


If you want to improve your conversion rates, knowing how to leverage urgency is one of the most important tactics to master. The reason we all feel the urge to grab deals or contact a seller is psychological. This plays on the fact that urgent situation push us to act and also that urgency evokes loss aversion, which we as marketers call FOMO (the fear of missing out). We don’t want to miss a great opportunity, especially if others are grabbing it. Are you leveraging this on your website pages?

Once we’ve determined which elements fall short in our page analysis, we rank them based on likely impact and run statistically significant split tests to determine which levers should be pulled and how much they’ll impact the bottom line.

Is our website testing the right fit for you?

Every business is unique but one of the things each company has in common with their website pages is that there are risks of making changes to your sites without testing. In order to test effectively, your sites need to have a certain volume of traffic. Low site volume? No problem - we’ll show you how site visitor volume and time go hand in hand with determining timelines for testing conversion lifts.
On some website pages, we should be testing what type of lead we’re trying to get (phone call vs form fill vs whitepaper vs webinar, etc.). Since different leads close at different frequencies, beyond getting volume we need to drive the right type of lead.
We run website page testing through Unbounce so we can be more agile and quick to deploy. Data gathered in Unbounce is interpreted through strict A/B Testing protocol and double-checked for significance.

Winners get deployed, losers get re-visited or trashed.Each month we’ll get a test strategy approved, execute the plan, and have a readout at the conclusion of the test. To get ‘real’ data (beyond clickbait data sets you see on Google) the average test will run for several thousand users. Tests run for at least 2 business cycles and up to 5 weeks.

Our goal here is to take the competitive advantages you have and neutralize those of the competition.
A/B Testing is not right for every business, and there is no shame in that. If you lack the time or traffic to test, the consumer research package may be a better fit (it’s also a bit more expansive)

For ecommerce businesses driving ads to an online storefront, landing page testing is often not the right fit. Ecommerce CRO is a better fit since that focuses on addressing certain parts of the funnel, rather than landing pages (landing page testing also only includes unbounce, not VWO testing).

Improving LP experience can lower CPL and allow you to expand targeting/scale (once CPL is down, PPC strategist can expand reach and maintain target ROI/CPL)
Smaller lead gen clients (think HVAC and high-traffic local, or smaller lead gen businesses).

Lead gen businesses on the fence with starting CRO (it’s a good upsell opp later)

Clients without a developer (landing pages don’t need dev, what a blessing)

Client has high high high CPC’s and CPL’s (improving conversion rates on LPs is a phenomenal way to lower the cost to get a lead)

Let’s do this.

Axedigital has a proven track record to achieve our client’s business goals and marketing objectives. Every business we work with is different and requires a unique approach.

With our in-house creative team and experienced social advertising department, we have the tools and knowledge to help you launch the most successful advertising campaigns that are the most relevant to your business goals.

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