We target specific voters in your specified area, persuading undecided voters & getting you to win.

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We don't just manage your ad accounts—we provide a full-funnel marketing strategy leveraging the best platforms and services to help you solve your biggest challenges and achieve your goals.

Website Design & Manifesto publishing

Get your own domain ( where kenyans can find your manifesto. You have the freedom to put up a one page portfolio or a full featured website with videos, payment collection systems and social media streams. We direct all the people in your social media pages (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok) to the website where we convince them why you are the perfect candidate.

Digital Marketing - Awareness Campaigns

With over 7,000 Google and Facebook advertising audits under our belt, we’ve learned what it takes to make you look good and for you to be successful. Handling your digital accounts we instantly update your audience on current campaign events. What can you achieve?

Ad frequency

Know how many times someone sees your Ad/Poster.

Ad types

Want to run a video, several images at once, just a message? You can. No limitations.

Location targeting

Show your Ad/Post to people in a particular location only. Running for governor in Makueni, show your manifesto to people living in Makueni. That simple. or maybe share a post to a particular location.


Know how many people saw your post, how many clicked, how many engaged, etc. What their age was? Gender too and many more.

Different Platforms

With over 7,000 Social Media advertising audits under our belt,we have the experience needed to run Integrated Content Strategy Campaigns on multiple platforms. Think same campaign running in Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn,Tiktok, Google Display, Billboards etc.

Marketing Content

We develop material for your brand awareness ranging from text copy (think website, social media content) all the way to video shooting & processing. Having a technical team at your side, we can bring up content on the fly such as collection of donations, running polls etc.

Billboards & Banners

We proud ourselves with long term partnerships with media & advertising companies in Nairobi. We get your posters exactly where your voters are and ensure maximum returns by using the most strategic locations and the right timing of campaign messages.

SMS Bundles & Marketing

Deliver the most effective messages at just the right times through email, text/SMS, and chatbots. Persuade people to vote, educate them on your manifesto. Running cross channel campaigns has proven to be very effective.

Poster Design

We design eye catching posters with our world class design team. The same designs can be used in online campaigns. Coupled with video and photography services, we make you look exactly how you want to look. You sound exactly how you want to sound.

Influencer Marketing

Partner with strategic influencers eg ( microinfluencers in Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok etc to push campaign awareness. We handle the contracts, compensation and the content generation. Save your time !

We grow your campaign's reach & awareness with our solutions

The best way to lockup a vote is to deliver your message to a potential voter enough times, so they remember it when they hit the voting booth. Axedigital can ensure that your message is accurately reaching voters in a timely manner and with the right frequency.

The Kenyan young (18-34) population 26.6% is higher than ever before totalling 14.2 million. Digital Political Campaign Spending is higher than ever before across countries.

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Our Creative Methodology

Political campaign results
are measured only by votes.

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Creative Copywriting

We map out your manifesto professionally translating it into an easy palatable script which we develop into a website.

Driving Traffic to the Manifesto/Website

This is the fun part. After carefully researching and understanding your brand and your audience, our Creative Strategists will create a comprehensive creative strategy for your brand to take your campaigns to the next level. This is where we really get creative and start putting together fun and innovative ideas that will better engage your audience.

Getting Donations

We integrate the website with payment platforms allowing direct collection of donations globally.

Social Monitoring & Reporting

Using Analytics and data driven analysis, we determine the best areas to target and monitor the response. We generate reports biweekly to assess for performance.

When it comes to vetting our potential customers and helping them vet us, we use well established criteria for all parties involved. The 3 main things we look for in our potential customers are:

Do I see how my money is spend?

Absolutely, We maintain a transparent system giving you access to the campaign . You can see the results for yourself directly!😌

How long before I see results?

IMMEDIATELY? Yes, Once we kick off and the manifesto is accessible online, you can start seeing daily visitors, how long they stayed and even segregate them by demographics (age, gender, device and more..) Not doing well with one group? (eg 18-24) Hakuna matata! We analyse the campaign weekly to identify low hanging fruit and act accordingly!

Is there sufficient budget to realize that impact?

One critical component to our ability to drive a meaningful impact for your business is how much budget are you working with. You could have a killer strategy built and optimized by the best marketers in the industry, but fail miserably due to an insufficient or inconsistent budget. We typically work with budgets of a minimum $500 for ad spend, not including the management fee. This covers manifesto design & publishing on a website.

Do you cover additional marketing services such as Influencers, Physical Billboards, and Print?

Yes, We are full fledged marketing agency working with several channels. We advise on the best channel and facilitate any preferences you might have.

Ready to win?

Make the maximum out of your advertising budget. Why you ask? 

We are an experienced agency authorised by Facebook (Meta) to run social/political campaigns.

Our 20+ years in the Marketing has developed a skillset consistently achieving low costs/click across platforms( Facebook, Tiktok, Google, Youtube) bringing your message in front of the right people.
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Let’s do this.

Axedigital has a proven track record to achieve our client’s business goals and marketing objectives. Every business we work with is different and requires a unique approach.

With our in-house creative team and experienced social advertising department, we have the tools and knowledge to help you launch the most successful advertising campaigns that are the most relevant to your business goals.

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