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Businesses that stand to gain the most from continuous PPC management usually look something like this:
  • Revenue over the last 12 months > $1500
  • Monthly ad spend budget ≥ $ 300*
That’s the floor, not the ceiling. The more revenue and traffic you already have, the greater your potential ROI from PPC management and revenue optimization.
*If you’re spending $20k or more per month, you will work with our Enterprise Account Executives.

Did you know we turn away 9 out of 10 companies that reach out to us?

When it comes to vetting our potential customers and helping them vet us, we use well established criteria for all parties involved. The 3 main things we look for in our potential customers are:

Is there significant room for impact?

If you consider us to do marketing work for your company, are we confident that we have the resources and skill to accomplish your goals and make a positive impact for your business? If the answer is yes, we move on to the next step.

Is there sufficient budget to realize that impact?

One critical component to our ability to drive a meaningful impact for your business is how much budget are you working with. You could have a killer strategy built and optimized by the best marketers in the industry, but fail miserably due to an insufficient or inconsistent budget. We typically work with budgets of a minimum $ 300 for ad spend, not including the management fee.

Are the expectations between us and the potential client (you) aligned in a way that leads to a long-term partnership?

We’re in it for the long haul and we want you to be, too. After our initial set up with your start up commitment (which depends on how long we need to manage your marketing to have a good baseline) your contract goes month-to-month. It takes a lot of work to onboard a new client at Axedigital. With such a low-risk commitment on your end, and a high-expectation of retaining you long-term on our end, we want to do the best we can to make sure this is an opportunity for us to work together and achieve success for years to come. We won’t ask you for your first born child but we will express our dedication and commitment to starting a partnership with you and your business and get a gauge on what you’re looking for.

Think win-win-win

When we look at who we choose to work with, it has to be a win-win-win



Is your team having any of these problems?

With the landscape changing rapidly, many companies are left bewildered and continue to struggle to embrace change to produce the results through online advertising they are in search of.

At Axedigital, we rely on analytics to drive continual improvement and guide our innovative strategies. We use hard data and our marketing expertise to provide recommendations that align with your measurable goals. If you or your team aren’t producing the marketing results you need, we should chat.
Digital marketing is time consuming when it’s done well.

When you have a company or department to run, you don’t have time for the digital marketing strategies and implementation, regardless of whether you know how to do it or not.

It’s far more efficient and advantageous to outsource your digital marketing to a premier agency who will be your partner in the digital marketing landscape.
Running an effective and cutting edge digital marketing strategy means you have to know what you are doing. Anyone can do a few simple Google searches on how to set up campaigns and manage the basics, but we promise you that’s not going to cut it.

We have a team dedicated to improving client’s paid digital marketing platforms from leveraging a full funnel strategy consisting of paid search, paid social, life cycle marketing, website optimization, analytics and creative services. If you’re lacking in the level of expertise required to succeed in these areas, let’s get you connected with our stellar team!
Our promptness and urgency will astound you; it truly sets us apart from our competitors and we are proud to toot that horn. It’s not uncommon for our potential clients to be in dire straights when they reach out. Typically they’ve tried everything they can think of to fix their pain points until it’s truly time to either change marketing partners or decide to move from internal management to outsourcing.

Either way, we’ve got you covered. If you needed to have some of these problems solved yesterday, we’re your team. While we don’t have a time machine, we definitely have our refined and streamlined processes to assess your business goals & marketing objectives, determine a win-win-win (or not), and get you onboarded right away.

We will drive better results for your business than you can.

Best of all, we are low-risk. We understand the risk, time, and work that goes into outsourcing your marketing efforts. It is very important to us that we give our clients the lowest risk with enough time to give us the highest chance of helping you succeed.After our initial set up and contract commitment, we move you to a month-to-month commitment allowing you to terminate our partnership with a month’s notice, but we're pretty confident you won’t want to.

We have developed and proven solutions in most industries

We make sure the traffic converts with our CRO offering and design and dev resources to support that

Best practices for account performance such as GEO targeting that most in-house and agency solutions get wrong.

Leverage years of experience in the digital space.

Over 100 positive reviews to date as a company

We manage millions of dollars in digital advertising budgets

Are we the right fit for you?

Is your business goal to make a quick dollar?

Have you tried a few other agencies looking for that silver bullet and everyone else always seems to be the problem?

Do you give up on the first mistake, failed marketing test, or get offended when someone challenges your ideas?

If any of these ring true to you, we are likely not the right fit for you.

“I’m interested. How do we start?”

Not sure if we are the right partner for you? Frankly, neither are we.

We’d love the opportunity to audit your existing efforts, review our strategy recommendations and see if we’re both committed to putting in the blood, sweat and tears our long-term partnership would require.

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Let’s do this.

Axedigital has a proven track record to achieve our client’s business goals and marketing objectives. Every business we work with is different and requires a unique approach.

With our in-house creative team and experienced social advertising department, we have the tools and knowledge to help you launch the most successful advertising campaigns that are the most relevant to your business goals.

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